This is Performance. This is AWD.

Powered by our CloudController, AWD access points provide a cost effective, cloud-managed enterprise grade 802.11n mesh wi-fi solution without the controllers, servers and general complexity seen in traditional enterprise grade networks. By empowering cutting edge hardware with robust cloud based software, our next generation multi-radio access points deliver performance and stability unparalelled in the wireless market today. Whether you are providing wireless to a campground with dense foliage or a sprawling campus with dozens of gateways, AWD provides the best wireless solution available.

Next Generation Wireless

  • Low loss over multiple hops, high throughput thanks to multi-radio design and full 802.11n meshing capabilities
  • 802.11n MIMO technology with dual polarity antennas
  • Transparent, Layer-2, VLAN Supported LAN Bridging over mesh
  • Dual Radio, Multi-Band (2.4 & 5GHz)

AWD CloudController

AWD Access Points are controlled through our advanced CloudController dashboard. A user friendly control panel for both beginner and advanced users alike, you may view real time network data and remotely update configurations on the fly. This is the nerve center of your network which empowers you to be up and running in minutes.

Flexible, Scalable, Reliable.

AWD delivers flexible, scalable, and reliable mesh access points for small, medium and large scale Wi-Fi deployments. Multi-radio AWD Wi-Fi Mesh Access Points deliver video, voice and data over Wi-Fi to the edge of a network over a flexible, auto-forming and self-healing backbone.

The dual-radio architecture separates the mesh backbone traffic from the edge access traffic, increasing capacity compared to single-radio mesh architectures. Seamless integration using our mesh wi-fi equipment allows your network to be extended wherever you need to go at a price/performance ratio never before seen in the industry.